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Attention All Library Users!

Masterton Library Refurbishment and Closure                             

The Library will be closed from Saturday 14th February until Sunday 1st March for it's long awaited refurbishment.

We have encouraged readers to make sure that they have enough to read while we are closed and put in place processes to assist with this. We're reminding all borrowers to pick up any reserves they may have before closing on Friday 13th February.
We are also very aware of the use the Masterton community makes of our Internet access PCs and services for printing, scanning, faxing. We have the following information for access to these services while we are closed.
The Library Free WiFi will still be available from 7.30am until 9.30pm each day. The coverage for this service reaches out into the park and a quality service can be access in a 50 meter circle around the Library.
We have checked out alternate service providers
1. Email, scanning, printing and faxing is available from Warehouse Stationery
2. The Masterton District Council will fax and photocopy documents at the same charges as the Library
3. Citizens Advice in Perry St have PCs for community access
4. Cameron Community House has PCs with Internet access

Emergency Service Only
The Wairarapa Archive – across Queen St from the Library – is combining with the Library to make an emergency service available for access to the Internet for job applications, travel documents, government services etc. We will be able to print, scan and email documents. We will not be able to fax documents.
Available 10.00am until 12.00pm 1.00pm – 5pm Monday to Friday.
This service will not be available for non-urgent access to the Internet and social media.

Searching the library catalogue just became easier

You can now search the library catalogue with just the click of one button from anywhere on the web.

The "Check Library" bookmarklet lets you know whether a title is available at your library from bookstores and other websites across the web.

Check Libary <-- Drag this button to your toolbar.

How do I use it?

To use it, go to a book webpage and click the bookmarklet that is now in your browser's bookmarks bar.