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Wairarapa Archive

The Wairarapa Archive is a collecting archive that aims to collect records relating to the Wairarapa region. It provides access to these collections through an extensive database.

It also houses the Wairarapa Reference and Family History Collections of the Masterton District Library.

This Week the Wairarapa Archive is proud to launch the 20th title in its on-going publication programme – Wairarapa Moana – the lake and its people.


Thirteen contributors, all authoritative in their fields,  tell the story of the North Island’s third largest lake complex from the mists of Maori myths to the realities of today’s environmental problems.


For more details a go to


The records include

  • Photographs and negatives
  • Architectural plans and maps
  • Record of community organisations
  • Newspapers
  • Family information and histories
  • Film, video and oral recordings
  • School records

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Archive Hours of Business

The Wairarapa Archive is open to the public Monday to Friday from 1.00pm - 5.00pm.

The Archive is situated at 79 Queen Street, Masterton.

Archive Contact Information

Archive Services

The Wairarapa Archive staff are happy to assist any callers who have research enquiries. There are many indices and databases in the Archive which researchers can use, and the staff has good knowledge of the collection, and of the area in general.

For those who cannot call, phone and postal enquiries are welcomed. The first fifteen minutes of research are free. A fee of $35 per hour or part thereof, is charged to enquiries after the free period. Large research queries are subject to negotiation.

The Archive has quality scanning facilities and can provide digital copies of most photographs and plans.

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